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[audio]Subjective Selections [tmth069] - Jon 7
In the tradition of many memorable collections of ambient works, Time Theory label head Jon 7 has put together this compilation of previously unreleased material culled from several different marathon recording sessions. The subjectivity of their selection stems from their inclusion by personal preference as opposed to strict adherence to any typical Jon 7 sound, although we challenge your ears to tell the difference.
Downloads: 580
[audio]NTNS Live [tmth025] - Jon 7
The usually techno-hermited Jon 7 doesn't leave his trailer cave except for smokes and drink, so when the invitation to perform live via the internet on Mark Stolk's NTNS internet radio show was extended, it was a natural fit as Jon 7 had nowhere else he had to be that night. Here you can hear the results on Jon 7's first ever live internet performance. With the exception of a couple of transmission glitches, the show went very well, and was recorded, station-side, by Mark Stolk...
Downloads: 1,711 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][JON7NET003] Ambient Numbers I & II + Remixes - Jon 7
These pieces was created out of assigning harmonically related patterns to MIDI notes determined by dice. I had been reading a book that suggested that no music created from random processes could possibly have a spiritual nature like 'real' music. I accepted that as a challenge right away! The remixes were done later and are just now seeing the light of day on the internet.
Keywords: ambient; random; process music
Downloads: 2,131
[audio][JON7NET021] Bell Island - Jon 7
This release is an expanded detail from one of the themes from [JON7NET020] "Summer Collage Session". Although most of the component collages that made up that release were included, this one was left off so that the expanded detail could be heard on its own. This release is much less chaotic than the previous one, and provides a relaxing but stimulating trip through bell sounds. At times, the sounds bang and clash, and at other times spread themselves out sparsely, each note ringing out exactly...
Keywords: ambient; bell sounds; relaxation
Downloads: 918
[audio][JON7NET005] Missing Channel - Jon 7
The pieces on this release are collages of live mics, voices of the dead on tape, shortwave radio, and percussion oscillator. It comes with a free-form eye candy video which may or may not be available in the archive.
Keywords: field recording; found sounds; shortwave
Downloads: 1,030
[audio][J7N030] Half Life Full Cycle - Jon 7
description coming soon
Downloads: 919
[audio][AMR122] Revolutionary Organization Is Good - Jon 7

Keywords: Jon 7, experimental, roig, revolutionary organization is good, amduscias records
Downloads: 412
[audio][J7N037] Train In Vein - Jon 7
I spent most of the summer hanging out with friends in the rougher part of town and had the fortune of catching the train early in the morning at a crossing near the grain mill. The resulting field recording was subjected to numerous effects processes and melded together in an elongated collage of train sounds. The recording itself was done on a portable cassette recorder with a handheld mike, and the lo-fi recording gave this release a very gritty, rough quality (somewhat reminiscent of the qua...
Keywords: ambient; dark; field recording; drone
Downloads: 1,251
[audio][J7N050] Digital Wastelands - Jon 7
description coming soon
Downloads: 373
[audio][AMR118] Dangerous Rituals - Jon 7
"Dangerous Rituals" is a recording that attempts to depict the feeling of going through some of life's more dangerous rites of passage, lessons learned the hard way, times in which the most innocent creatures must take little a blackening of their soul for the sake of growth and greater development. It is a soundtrack to to some disturbing, enthralling, nightmarish times in my not-too-distant past...
Keywords: Jon 7, Dangerous Rituals, Experimental, amduscias records
Downloads: 2,333
[audio][J7N052] Lycaonia - Jon 7
description coming soon.
Downloads: 490
[audio][J7N046] Eulogies - Jon 7
description coming soon
Downloads: 373
[audio][J7N043] Reverse Engineering II - Jon 7
description coming soon
Downloads: 3,888
[audio][JON7NET020] Summer Collage Session - Jon 7
Throughout the hottest part of the summer, I created a number of different pieces using several different techniques, some I already employ, some new, using found sounds and acoustic instruments to create a long swirling, sometimes chaotic collage of the pieces. My neighbor who is a dog trainer played me some of her 'sound conditioning tapes' which are used to acquaint dogs with the sounds of the real world...
Keywords: human conditioning; ambient; chaotic ride; semi-acoustic
Downloads: 888 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio][J7N045] Dynamic Interference - Jon 7
description coming soon
Downloads: 368
[audio][JON7NET027] Light Areas - Jon 7
This release brings together several different themes that were composed during various points in late 2006 and early 2007 that were intended for a particular album project of mine that would have blended actual songs (with lyrics and vocals, not quite standard for the music released on this label) with instrumental and experimental sound pieces. Each one of these pieces is in a different style, some using fractal composition methods, some using different deconstruction methods, and others compo...
Downloads: 1,023
[audio]Clockwork [tmth04A] - Jon 7
"Clockwork" is Jon 7's tribute to a Mystified piece of the same name, which he liked very much when it came out on the Treetrunk netlabel. This "Clockwork" is in three parts each making different use of different sets of clock sounds. The results range from soothing to crushing. If time were some sort of internal combustion process happening in very slow motion, this is probably what it would sound like...
Downloads: 1,812
[audio][J7N040] Opponent Suns - Jon 7
description coming soon
Downloads: 551
[audio][J7N048] Live at Vincent's Ear IV & V - Jon 7
description coming soon
Downloads: 3,503
[audio][J7N038] Romania - Jon 7
During work on music videos for FOEM in 2006, I was donated a number of video files taken in Romania, which I was unable to use because of the PAL format. I was able to extract the audio from the files, and this release is a collage of those audio extracts. Many of the recordings were made on a train, so in listening you get a sort of warped scenic tour through Romania, painted largely in processed audio.
Downloads: 678
[audio]Euphonic States of Timerica [tmth037] - Jon 7
Timetheory label-head Jon 7 heard a sound in his head one day that he couldn't shake and set about creating some rough sketches to flesh out the idea. Then later he was transported off to a rat farm, given some highly electric lemonade and left to stare up into the night sky. Soon thereafter he was introduced to some new friends who were planning a psy-trance party and he played them his sketches, which impressed them enough to encourage him to create several more tracks in his homemade psy-tran...
Downloads: 2,221
[audio][JON7NET026] Resourcery - Jon 7
Like a derivation of a derivation on a proof comes this collection of mixes and remixes of tracks from our previous release, "Sourcery". In the midnight kitchens of Jon7.net HQ, the component sauces of "Sourcery" were combined and modified to create new recipes. Some natural new ones appeared, such as "Steak Marinade" and "Honey Mustard". But as the night wore on, the recipes became stranger, resulting in such edible goodies as "Hot Fish Syrup" and "Tartar Dessert Gravy"...
Keywords: dark light; ambient; noise; experimental
Downloads: 1,915
[audio][JON7NET009] Dreary Time in Oregon - Jon 7
Rain, rain, rain! Having the choice of either being depressed about the weather or doing something about it, I utilized tape recordings of the rain and other elements to sonically represent the feeling of the dreary Oregon winter.
Keywords: dark ambient; field recording; season music
Downloads: 827
[audio][J7N036] In Collusion - Jon 7
" In collusion" is a sound collage project that was begun in November 2006, partially as a way of making use of several batches of leftover sounds from other projects. As it often does, life created several distractions, and the piece was only added to bit by bit for over 9 months. As it was being developed, and during a period of time spent away from anything but the most basic computer access, A growing body of written work, describing elements and aspects of the changes and experiences my lif...
Keywords: sound collage, ambient, noise, field recording
Downloads: 1,000
[audio][JON7NET010] Winter Storms - Jon 7
Continuing with the theme of 'Winter music' come these two pieces. The first uses naturally abundant rain sounds to re-create the unsettling power of the heavy Oregon rainstorms. The second is a short snowflake dance in honor of the snow that so rarely falls here in the winter, except on the day the cover pictures were taken, some 2 weeks after the recording was finished.
Keywords: dark ambient; winter music; field recordings; minimal
Downloads: 2,525
[audio][J7N051] Erschallend - Jon 7
"Erschallend" (german = pealing, ringing out) continues the long-form album theme, and picks up somewhat where "Dynamic Interference" left off. Both albums are an ocean of sorts, on this one, sounds wash by you the way they might if individual waves in the ocean were made from sound instead of water. This album maintains an unsettling balance of gritty and lush elements throughout. It's recommended ( as with many recent releases) that you relax and let it take you wherever it can, there will be ...
Downloads: 450
[audio][J7N041] Fields II - Jon 7
description coming soon
Downloads: 586
[audio][JON7NET002] Inflexible Music - Jon 7
These pieces were inspired afte reading a review of "music is rotted one note" by Squarepusher, and while they bear very little relation to that album, motivation is motivation. The tracks were mostly created in a couple of afternoons, then 3 months later additional tracks were discovered on a CD i had purposely hidden from myself. They fit the feeling of the others so they were added. The name comes from the idea that when certain pieces of music appear to provide only very minimal amounts of d...
Keywords: minimal; abstract; ambient; sound experiments
Downloads: 5,868
[audio][J7N039] Distant Signals - Jon 7
"Distant Signals" is some of my more ambient, almost new-age style of work. These pieces were largely created as a means of achieving an ultra-peaceful state of mind. All I can really say is that you will enjoy listening to it as you lie back, imagining being a signal passing through space from one node to another, the way i envisioned it while making these tracks.
Downloads: 2,893
[audio]Towers [tmth-006] - Jon 7
Many of Jon 7's ideas come from things seen in dreams, and "Towers" is a prime example. In the dream this album's concept came from, Jon 7 was walking through an old house where he found a large map indicating the presence of two large towers, towers that didn't actually exist but were indicative of two equipment set-ups that were referred to as the 'blue tower' and the 'red tower'. The concept as it became applied was one of two groups of people, who have settled a new land, built towers and su...
Downloads: 1,118
[audio][JON7NET006] Deepfreeze - Jon 7
A long-form noise piece made by collecting source material on my trusty hand-held cassette recorder from the freezer. If you don't like noise, you won't enjoy this one so much, but if you do, enjoy it at high volume, or very low volume. You can put yourself into a trance with it, or let it lull you to sleep, your choice.
Keywords: noise
Downloads: 913
[audio]Half Life Full Cycle - Jon7
(trk1) cellular life grows in a petri dish, and is gradually consumed by bacteria. (trk2) in a bustling other earth city, birds extinct for centuries still fly around at midnight. (trk3) robots don't go to church, but if they did this might be part of the mass. (trk4) we're guests on their planet, and though it seems strange, this is how they say grace, so we'd best respect it. music was created using random sound timing programs, live mics on the street, wineglasses, screwdrivers, metal chalice...
Keywords: random; improvisation; electronic; field recordings
Downloads: 541
[audio]Science Fiction [tmth04D] - Jon 7
TT label-head Jon 7 goes through occasional creative high cycles during one of which the tracks on "Science Fiction" were created. While searching for a unifying theme he turned to new inspirations that his schooling provided and went with the science fiction short stories he liked so well (soviet especially) and the new aesthetic experiments in op-art he took a strong liking to that week. The tracks themselves fit the space story theme well, electronic ambiences and dissonances that drift like ...
Downloads: 1,558
[audio][JON7NET015] Sound Without Film - Jon 7
In late 2004 I was given the heads-up by a filmmaker friend of mine that he was working on a new film, and that he wanted me to supply the music. Over the next year and a half we occasionally bumped into each other, each time with him reminding me that he still wanted music. He described the film as being like "Bagdad Cafe", only a bit more gothic. The pieces on this release are the themes that were going to be submitted for use in the film, but alas, the film never got finished...
Keywords: soundtrack; film; scenic
Downloads: 13,136
[collection]Jon7.net - Jon 7
Jon7.net Microlabel was formed in 2005 to release and document music created by Jon 7 and and collaborators near and far. While not particularly genre-specific, the focus is on music with a 'scenic' or 'film-like' quality. Give a listen to what's available, and if you feel you create music that fits well, then contact with a demo! Collaborations are also highly encouraged. contact at jon7evenAThotmailDOTcom
Downloads: 255,803
[audio][AMR023] Traitor's Gate - Jon 7
**Be sure to download the "MUST HAVE" text document. It is the storyline of the music. It is as important as the music.** In a reality much like our own, only different, two particular inventions, the printing press and electricity, were indeed invented, but for some reason, had very little impact. They were introduced to people, and no one cared. Such things were considered the property only of the rich and well-educated...
Keywords: Dark Ambient, Cinematic, Industrial, Experimental, Jon7
Downloads: 1,852 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(4 reviews)
[audio][AMR196] The Dark Moon - Jon 7

Keywords: Jon 7, The Dark Moon, Amduscias Records
Downloads: 181
[audio][JON7NET012] Fields - Jon 7
Three sonic pictures of a walk through nearly-empty fields. these pieces in my mind take me back to places and times as a kid i use to feel very connected, and hoped someday to be able to translate into some form of art. The cover art also takes advantage of the 'wood imagery' that is very prevalent in Oregon, but since there are no lightning bugs here, that comes from my memories of living in the South.
Keywords: ambient; soundscape; bugscape
Downloads: 1,986
[audio][JON7NET022] Ocean Floor - Jon 7
After some intriguing conversations with Thomas Park (aka Mystified) about fractal and generative music, I decided the time was right for me to try composing a fractal piece of my own. I had decided that the ocean floor would be the theme I would work with. That inspiration came from DJ Mitch, whose Deeply Deep netlabel had released some music and video of mine, and had as its motto, "exploring the ocean floor of music"...
Keywords: synth; bubbly; oceanic; ambient
Downloads: 2,033 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][JON7NET007] Twilight Sounds - Jon 7
Three pieces that were recorded around the same time, but were orphans from any other proper releases 'Air and Earth' and 'Virgo Pt. I' use simple minimal rhythms and heavy layers of granulated sounds. 'Virgo pt. I' is accompanied by a video, available at www.deeplydeep.com. 'Nightfall' uses layers of household item rhythms to create it's swirling hypnotic texture.
Keywords: granulated; household beats
Downloads: 5,170
[audio][JON7NET011] Dark Areas - Jon 7
Two long-form ambient pieces somewhat in the style of 'Ambient Numbers' [JON7NET003], using drones, synth arpeggios, and semi-randomized processes. Great pains have been taken to prevent these pieces from being unlistenably repetitive, but the most will be gained by listening to them at night, on the edge of sleep.
Keywords: ambient; dark ambient; semi random
Downloads: 1,904
[audio][JON7NET001] Artefacts - Jon 7
"Artefacts" Is a collection of many of my early tracks that were composed from a period between 1995-1997, during a time when I was first beginning to stretch out and compose electronic music on my own. I had been performing in a number of bands previous to this point, and had decided to trade it in for a while for some solo sound exploration. The tracks on this album reflect a number of different sounds and techniques I was using at the time, and it is a fascinating document through an earlier ...
Keywords: ambient; early music; reel to reel manipulation
Downloads: 11,532
[audio][J7N042] Reverse Engineering I - Jon 7
description coming soon
Downloads: 3,250
[audio][J7N044] 26 Short Films - Jon 7
description coming soon.
Downloads: 360
[audio]Time [tmth013] - Jon 7
After an extended break in recording, label head Jon 7 presents his first full release for Timetheory, an expansive, double-CD contribution to the "Time" series. Each track on "Time" was inspired by a time zone on the North American continent, and the mood of each piece tries in some way to capture some quality, real or imagined, of the geographical areas in each zone. An overall calm and tranquil feeling runs through this release, designed to be just as useful for relaxing the mind as for watch...
Keywords: ambient; time; tranquil
Downloads: 5,700 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][JON7NET004] Autoremix Alliance - Jon 7 v Jon 7
This collection of remixes was done in 2000 from my own material that had been gathering since early 1996. At this time in my musical progress, I was working with fairly primitive equipment, and didn't know anyone even in my growing circle of electronic musicians that was capable of or even interested in remixing each other's material. So I set out and did it myself. Building upon many of the same techniques I was using, I applied old and new techniques to the remixes...
Keywords: ambient; noise; remix; experimental; documentary
Downloads: 2,112
[audio]Mangle Me [tmth01F] - Jon 7 & Associates
"Mangle Me" began as a little tune generated from fractal MIDI, and was posted on a few forums to see who would be interested in mangling it. The real intention was to meet new folks and get to know them a little through their production styles. A few people did turn up with their 'mangles', and the results were collated into this release. Maybe there will be more mangles, maybe not, but the project was fun, and served as a small meet-and-greet...
Downloads: 2,024
[audio]Collaboration [tmth00D] - Jon 7 + Hobby Knife
In the summer of 2007, Jon 7 stopped by to visit Marilyn Kent (Hobby Knife) who lived close by to where he was staying at the time, and the two got along very well and agreed to collaborate on a little noise/sound jam the week after. Jon 7 was experimenting with shortwave radio distortion and field recordings (in a style that was later to become part of the style and material used for the President Blair project) and Marilyn was using numerous electronic children's toys and keyboards and effects...
Downloads: 1,403
[audio]Joint Missive [tmth02C] - Mystified/Jon 7
Mystified contacted TTHQ recently with a new piece called "Pulsar Drone Sequence" on the same day Jon 7 had just finished something new himself. Since for both artists, these new pieces were the first either had done that included the use of beats, it was natural for them to fit together into this release. For those who have followed Mystified's music, you are aware that beats and rhythms have not been a major part of his creations since the days of "Cardboard Hotel"...
Downloads: 2,182
[audio]Cross Fertilization [tmth042] - Auspice + Jon 7
Auspice, (also known as Serocell, Kemadrin, Psignal) agreed to engage in a remix exchange in the same spirit and rules as "Interchange", a collaboration between Twyll and Jon 7. Each artist supplied three tracks, then remixed each others tracks, yielding twelve total tracks. On this release, Auspice's originals have a clean ambient sound to them, a sort of warm and dark sterility. Jon 7's originals are dark quiet noise tinged drones given a gently hypnotic strobing effect...
Downloads: 3,757
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